Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Workbench Miniatures Goes Digital!

Books and magazines to be offered in downloadable form...

Hi everyone.

Now that the first issue of my magazine has sold out, I have been asked about the possibility of digital editions being made available. Though I can't say too much at the moment, I am in the process of making this so. I hope to be able to offer a digital version of Issue 1 which, for those that missed it, will be the only way that you can get hold of this magazine as I have decided not to reprint it in paper form. I also hope to be able to sell digital versions of subsequent issues too which will offer a degree of choice  and longevity to each one: you'll still be able to buy a paper magazine, but once they too are sold out, you will still be able to see what's offer offer, albeit in digital format. I will also be offering my previous two books "The Garden Of Remembrance" and "One Man's Junk" for those who missed out the first time around.

I will be posting more information on this exciting development when I have it and when I am able to provide more definite dates and costings.

All the best and thanks a lot!


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