Monday, 20 August 2012

One Man's Junk

Now that the first book is winging its around the world, I can start to release details on the second book "One Man's Junk". This will be another 40-page book dedicated to diorama building and will cover three dioramas "The Dig", One Man's Junk and "Then and Now". With a bit of luck, this will be the first of two books under this title, the second one being a complete, in-depth look at my workshop diorama that I built a couple of years ago. The book will be ready to go within the next month, hopefully being debuted at the KMK Scale World show in September and then on sale at both Euro Militaire and Scale Model Challenge in Eindhoven. Here. for your delectation is the brand new cover...

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

 Back From The Printers!!!

Well, after three month's of work, countless hours and many sleepless nights(!), my first, self published book, is back from the printers! I can't believe that I have done what I set out to do and that I'm so pleased with the outcome. Now that they are back, the copies for those of you that have made a payment will be put in the post over the next few days, or placed in the delivery pile. I will hold on to the others until confirmation of payment is received, or until further orders are placed.

Thank you all so much - I hope that you enjoy my very first book!!!

Monday, 13 August 2012


Some teasers from the next book which will be on sale in time for Euro Militaire...


Cold War Aircraft Modeller

I'm now in the process of dealing with the designs for my new project and I'm testing cover formats that I will use for each issue that I publish. This is the prototype for the magazine and will give a good idea of how I want this magazine to look and how I hope the lines of the design will work. The content should be ignored, it is just there to illustrate the design - unless of course that's what you want to see in one of the issues! No.1 will be available at this years IPMS Nationals and will feature a what I hope will be some really cool features that fans of this era will enjoy. Well, that's the plan! :D


The Garden Of Remembrance - On Sale Now!!!

I’ve just returned from the printers and the Garden Of Remembrance book will be printed ready for collection on Wednesday of next week, meaning that I will be able to post the first orders out on Thursday.

For those that don’t know, this is a full-colour, 40-page, soft-back book, that tells the story of how I created the ‘Garden Of Remembrance’ diorama, from initial research all the way through to final construction. In so doing, I have put together what I believe is the most detailed study of the Houffalize Panther ever committed to print and thanks to high-quality images and superb printing, reveal every nuance of this amazing battlefield relic.
The book features a completed walk-round on the Panther, it’s location and history; detailed construction notes on the building of it in miniature; painting guides and then an in-depth story on the assembly, layout and finishing of the diorama base in which the Panther now resides. 
As I mentioned several months ago, the book will cost £14.95 + £1.50 postage in the UK, £3.50 worldwide. If you order more than one copy the postage costs may vary slightly depending on the number that you want. Payment will be via Paypal at, by cheque or if I see you in person, by cash!Alternatively, if you can’t use Paypal, but would like to reserve a copy and pay either by cheque or cash, please email me at and I will put one aside for you and let you know how to pay for your copy.
Orders are being taken on a first come, first served basis - taking into account the list of enthusiasts who have already confirmed that they would like a copy! I’ve also been asked if I can sign copies of the book (which is very nice - thank you!) and of course that will be possible - just let me know if you would like me to do that.

Thank you for support and I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together!