Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Okay, I've decided that this will be the main portal for all of my modelmaking news and as such, I will be dropping new projects, interesting kits and maybe even some cool little techniques on here when the mood takes me! Hopefully, in concert with my 'Facebook' page and the use of some of the forums around the net, you will get a fair idea of what I am up to and be able to enjoy some of the models that I build (both military and civilian), in ways that may not always been possible in my role as the Editor of Military In Scale magazine. This is not a substitute for what I want to do with MIS (that's too important a job to let it slip away), but rather an add-on that will allow me a little more flexibility - after all, you wouldn't expect to see a car or spaceship in MIS, would you, but you may well see both of those things here!!!

So, tell you friends about this blog and we'll all have some fun! And if you want to contact me, please feel free. My email address is as always

See you soon!

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