Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hello everyone!

Over the last month or so I've been releasing information on my new range of accessories to my friends on my Facebook Page. Well finally, I am able to reveal the completed package and what you will get for your money and beg your indulgence to allow me to show you this new set. As you can see, they are designed with the modern diorama builder in mind and can be used in a huge variety of different surroundings to produce a highly-detailed vignette within your scene.

Each Package will include the following:
•    Two 1/35 Skip kits, a large builder’s skip with a separate loading door and a smaller ‘midi’ offering.
•    A complete set of self-adhesive ‘Miracle Masks’ that allow the application of the ‘Ryder Skip Hire’ and ‘Waste-Away’ logos.
•    An exclusive six-page article. This is will only be available as part of this package and will not only include the necessary assembly instructions, but also a detailed guide to the application of the masks and an in-depth featurette on the painting and weathering of the two models used for the box art. This will be provided as single sheet of assembly instructions together with a CD that will include not only a high-resolution PDF for the remaining feature (thus allowing you to zoom-in on all of the images to examine the paintwork in great detail), but also, a separate file of images of the stowed skips and their ‘junk’ – the latter another exclusive inclusion in this kit.
•    A numbered certificate of authenticity that will be signed and numbered to guarantee that the model you buy is an exclusive ‘Workbench Miniatures’ product.

For more info contact me at Workbench Miniatures - spencerpollard1@gmail.com

All the very best and thanks for looking!


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  1. Spencer,
    Always love your models. Simply brilliant work, so will look forward keeping up with your blog. But one comment...I think you need to change the font. Kinda hard to read IMHO.