Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cold War Aircraft Modeller Issue One - Almost Sold Out!!!

Hi everyone - I am delighted to announce that the first issue of my new magazine is now almost sold out. Thanks to all who purchased a copy! If you reserved a copy, but have not either paid for it, or contacted me regarding payment, I guess that there is only a little while left until you will have missed the boat. The remaining copies are now on general sale and so if you would like, please let me know either on here, by email: or via my blog at

Ordering details are as follows:
The magazine costs £8 with an additional charge of £1.50 in the UK, £3.30 if you live in Europe and £4.40 for the rest of the world, to cover the cost of postage. In order to pay for this, you will need access to a Paypal account as this is the only way that I’m able to take payments at the moment. If you have, my Paypal account is You can deposit the funds directly into that account and also leave your full address details. As soon as you've ordered I will send your copy over to you!

Thanks a lot!

Spence :)

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  1. Unfortunately I cannot purchase the Cold War Aircraft Modeller Issue since I’m already subscribed to many aviation and aircraft newsletters this year. Maybe I could try the next issue for the upcoming year.

    -Avionics testers | AvionTEq